PaydayMaster Immediately maintains it privacy policy strictly. We never share your data with a third party. Whatever information you share with us is exactly used for the loan purpose. We are not interested in making petty profits by selling out borrowers' personal data. PaydayMaster do get such offers, but we vehemently deny to part off with our data.

PaydayMaster are solely interested in our core business of helping our working people get financial assistance in times of need. Due to our integrity, we are the no.1 choice of thousands of borrowers. However, there is only one exception to this case. In case of legal issues, if we are asked to share borrowers' details, we won't be in a position to deny. You know that we only be held liable if we do so.

But, this is a rare happening. In so many years of our business, we have never faced a situation like this. So, you too don't need to bother about it. When you apply for same day loans you need to sign up your account first. It helps in better customer service and database management. Your data remain in separate folder.

In future, if you apply for a loan again, your approved data remain ready for use. As a result, we give you even faster service. Signing up an account ensures that you are an old customer and must get preferential treatment you are also recommended to not share your log in credentials with anybody else. If you do so, your account will be vulnerable. Somebody may misuse your data. If it happens, you alone will be responsible for it.

Further, for data protection, you can also disable cookies at our site. PaydayMaster keep that option open to you. It saves the system from malicious attacks and enhances site protection from hackers. Finally, you must have noticed that we demand your personal information only when you apply for a loan. If you only visit our site, we don't prompt you to share your details. Are you convinced?

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